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When you need onsite registration services, your choice of registration companies narrows to about 50. Onsite registration is one of the areas that we excel in. For proof, we encourage you to talk to some of our clients - call us at 1-888-780-9825 for some recommendations.

If traffic is an issue at your event, then we have solutions. From print-at-home badges, to self-serve kiosks for both registration and badge printing, to one of the fastest onsite registration systems designed in-house, we can manage the traffic issues for you.

Currently dealing with the issue of a clumsy web-based onsite registration? We know they are slow, unreliable and not meant to process volumes of people or meant to be serviced by local registration staff. Online registration is intended for people to sit at their desks at home or at the office and browse and register for an event at their leisure. Online registration systems that have been butchered to work onsite are not meant to be used at your event.

We've consciously created and perfected true onsite applications designed specifically to register your attendees at the event. The system is fast and reliable and ensures that your attendees aren't dragged through a long tedious onsite registration process. We make it simple - both for them AND for you. Now we've all experienced some of the temporary registration staff that you have to hire - so needless to say we have designed it for them also. SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE and FAST. I would be more than happy to discuss our onsite systems in more detail.

So what are you waiting for?
Pick up the phone and give me a call. 1-888-780-9825 x201 or Call me on Skype

Good ol' email will also do: nhersco@microspec.com